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Hotel Guptaji
Near Railway Station
Palanpur - 385001
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‘Guptaji’ – a name that has stood for quality and purity for 90 years now, serving mouth-watering dishes to the generations of food enthusiasts not just from Palanpur but from all over India. It was in 1927 that a hardworking and disciplined young boy from Agra, just 12 years of age, Kalkaprasad Badriprasad Gupta, looking for a place to settle down, chose Palanpur as his ‘Karma-bhoomi’ and having the culinary genes embedded within, he soon earned a name for his eatery -‘Guptaji’ – a place where you go if you want freshly cooked, delicious and hygienic food. His Highness TaleyMohammed Khan, the erstwhile Nawab of Palanpur, himself was a well known food-enthusiast and it was Guptaji’s duty to cater to his culinary needs whenever some royal-guests were on a visit to Palanpur State. Nawab TaleyMohammed Khan got special motichoor and mohanthaal, wrapped in gold and silver varak, prepared by Guptaji, his Rajmodi, and sent these sweets to Kashmir Maharaja and other royalties on the occasion of Diwali.

                The same commitment towards the quality has been upheld by Shivprasad Kalkaprasad Gupta after his father’s demise in 1954 and now by Sanjay Shivprasad Gupta.

                It’s this deep-rooted commitment – Quality. Purity. Honesty. – that has made Guptaji a widely known and dearly loved name amongst the food enthusiasts from all over India. Guptaji assures that the ingredients – the spices, the food grains, oil, vegetables – everything is procured from trusted sources. The spices are prepared at Guptaji’s own stockroom under watchful eyes and the vegetables are delivered to the kitchen twice a day, fresh from the farms. The roti itself is made of whole-wheat and not from ‘medaa’. Top-notch quality oil is used in preparation of the dishes by an experienced and well-trained staff.

                Guptaji’s restaurant serves not just the customers walking into the premises but to the hundreds of orders it receives from the travellers, travelling on the Indian Railway. Each one assured that the food he is served would be the best as ever – DELICIOUS & PURE.

Hotel Guptaji
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